Education With Experience: Assessment of a Co-op Model in Undergraduate Engineering Programs in Computing

Nazlıoğlu, Selma
Turhan, Çiğdem
Yazıcı, Ali
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IEEE Software
A major concern among graduates of computing departments has been the discrepancy between the expectations of the software companies and the competencies provided by the respected departments. This ongoing problem, paired with rapid developments in computing, makes cooperative (co-op) education inevitable as it combines industrial experience with traditional education. The present attempt examines the co-op program conducted for the past 4 years at the Computer, Software, and Information Systems Engineering Departments of Atilim University, Türkiye. It assesses the attainments of the stakeholders of this co-op program, mainly students, academic institutions, and partner companies, in terms of product/project, familiarization, career, and employment opportunities. The results of the surveys conducted among students and partner companies participating in the program are given, demonstrating various benefits to all stakeholders.
Open Access, published by IEEE Computer Society, 10.1109/MS.2023.3310202, Selma Nazlıog˘lu, Department of Software Engineering, Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey, Cigdem Turhan, Department of Software Engineering, Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey, Ali Yazici, Department of Software Engineering, Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey.
Companies, Education, Employment, Software Engineering, Recruitment, Software, Training, Computer Science Education, Educational Courses, Career Development, Object Object Object Object, Object Object, Higher Education Institutions, Student Perspectives, Soft Skills, Industrial Perspective, Cooperation Program Object Object, Engineering Education Object Object, Graduate Employability, Need For Additional Training, Work Integrated Learning, Partner Companies, Mentors, Open Ended Questions, Technical Skills, Strong Candidate, Student Evaluations Object Object, Months Of Training, Student Attainment