Temperature-dependent current-voltage characteristics of p-GaSe0.75S0.25/n-Si heterojunction

Işık, Mehmet
Sürücü, Özge
Gasanly, Nizami Mamed
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Applied Physics A Materials Science and Processing
GaSe0.75S0.25 having layered structure is a potential semiconductor compound for optoelectronics and two-dimensional materials technologies. Optical and structural measurements of the GaSe0.75S0.25 thin film grown on the glass substrate showed that the compound has hexagonal structure and band energy of 2.34 eV. GaSe0.75S0.25 thin film was also grown on the silicon wafer and p-GaSe0.75S0.25/n-Si heterojunction was obtained. In order to make the electrical characterization of this diode, temperature-dependent current-voltage (I-V) measurements were carried out between 240-360 K. Room temperature ideality factor and barrier height of the device were determined from the analyses of I-V plot as 1.90 and 0.87 eV, respectively. Temperature-dependent plots of these electrical parameters showed that the ideality factor decreases from 2.19 to 1.77, while barrier height increases to 0.94 from 0.71 eV when the temperature was increased from 240 to 360 K. The conduction mechanism in the heterojunction was studied considering the Gaussian distribution due to presence of inhomogeneity in barrier height. The analyses presented the mean zero-bias barrier height, zero-bias standard deviation, and Richardson constant.
Published by Applied Physics A Materials Science and Processing, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00339-023-06807-7, M. Isik, O. Surucu, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Atilim University, 06836 Ankara, Turkey, N.M. Gasanly, Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University, 06800, Ankara, Turkey, Virtual International Scientific Research Centre, Baku State University, 1148 Baku, Azerbaijan.
Schottky diode, Optoelectronics, Solar cell, GaSe, GaS