Synthesis and Characterization of A Luminol Based Chemiluminescent Trimeric System

Kesimal, Büşra
Balcı, Burcu
Çakal, Deniz
Önal, Ahmet M.
Cihaner, Atilla
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Journal of Fluorescence
A luminol based chemiluminescent trimeric system, namely 2,3-dihydro-5,8-di(thiophen-2-yl)phthalazine-1,4-dione (T2B-Lum), bearing thiophene rings as donor units and 2,3-dihydrophthalazine-1,4-dione as an acceptor unit was synthesized in two steps via donor-acceptor-donor approach using two different methods. It was found that T2B-Lum emits chemiluminescent light when exposed to H2O2 in a basic medium, and the presence of substituents and the type of aromatic ring bearing chemiluminescent active group have a direct effect on the compound's sensitivity. Among the members of a large family of metal ions, fluorescent and chemiluminescent T2B-Lum exhibited high sensitivity to Cu2+ and Fe3+ ions. Except for other metal cations (silver(I), cadmium(II), cobalt(II), iron(III), lithium(I), magnesium(II), manganese(II), nickel(II), zinc(II)), it has been observed that T2B-Lum is mostly sensitive to copper(II) ions with a detection limit value of 2.2×10-3 M. On the other hand, T2B-Lum was also found to exhibit a high sensitivity to extremely dilute aqueous solutions (e.g., 1:50.000 dilution) of blood samples, making it a promising candidate for use in forensic applications.
Published by Journal of Fluorescence;; Busra Kesimal, Burcu Balci & Atilla Cihaner, Atilim Optoelectronic Materials and Solar Energy Laboratory (ATOMSEL), Department of Chemical Engineering, Atilim University, TR-06830, Ankara, Turkey; Busra Kesimal & Burcu Balci; Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Atilim University, TR-06830, Ankara, Turkey; Deniz Cakal & Ahmet M. Önal, Department of Chemistry, Middle East Technical University, TR-06800, Ankara, Turkey.
Chemiluminescence; blood detection; ion recognition; luminol; thiophene