A Transformative Solution for Construction Safety: Blockchain-based System for Accident Information Management

Ahmadisheykhsarmast, Salar
Aminbakhsh, Saman
Sönmez, Rıfat
Uysal, Furkan
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Journal of Industrial Information Integration
Effective management of accident information is a crucial component of safety management within the construction industry, as it reflects the safety performance of the company and allows them to identify the root causes of accidents and prevent similar accidents in the future. However, existing safety information systems provide self-owned, isolated, and centralized environments and fail to present a secure, transparent, and trustworthy platform for monitoring and management of accident information. To address these issues, this paper presents a novel decentralized blockchain-based system for accident/incident information management of construction projects. The proposed system leverages the benefits and advantages of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized IPFS storage to address the security transparency, tampering, and trustworthiness issues of the conventional approaches. The proposed system is simulated by using real-world construction accident data to demonstrate how blockchain technology can provide a novel solution to assure security, transparency, authenticity, availability, and immutability of the accident/incident data for improving safety management.
Published by Journal of Industrial Information Integration, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jii.2023.100491, Salar Ahmadisheykhsarmast, Graduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara 06531 Turkey, Saman Aminbakhsh, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Atilim University, Ankara 06830 Turkey, Rifat Sonmez, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Ankara 06531 Turkey, Furkan Uysal, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, American University of the Middle East, Egaila Kuwait.
Blockchain, Smart Contract, Decentralized Storage, Construction Accidents, Safety Information Management