Investigation of the strange pentaquark candidate P_{\psi s}(4338)^0 recently observed by LHCb

Azizi, Kazım
Saraç, Yasemin
Sundu, Hayriye
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Physical Review D.
The recently observed strange pentaquark candidate, PΛψs(4338)0, is investigated to provide information about its nature and substructure. To this end, its mass and width through the decay channels PΛψs(4338)0→J/ψΛ and PΛψs(4338)0→ηcΛ are calculated by applying two- and three-point QCD sum rules, respectively. The state is considered as a Ξc¯D meson-baryon molecular structure with spin-parity quantum numbers JP=12−. The obtained mass, mPΛψs(4338)0=4338±130  MeV, and width, ΓPΛψs(4338)0=10.40±1.93  MeV, are consistent with the experimental data within the presented uncertainties. This allows us to assign a Ξc¯D molecular structure of JP=12− for the PΛψs(4338)0 state.
Open Access, Published by PHYSICAL REVIEW D,, K. Azizi, Department of Physics, University of Tehran, North Karegar Avenue, Tehran 14395-547, Iran; Department of Physics, Doǧuş University, Dudullu-Ümraniye, Istanbul 34775, Turkey and School of Particles and Accelerators, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) P.O. Box 19395-5531, Tehran, Iran, Y. Sarac, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department, Atilim University, Ankara 06836, Turkey, H. Sundu, Department of Physics Engineering, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul 34700, Turkey.
Form factors, Particle decays, Particle interactions, Particle phenomena, Phenomenology, Strong interaction