A Comparative Analysis of the Criteria for Choosing Sustainable Materials for Façades in Turkey and the European Union

Daşkın, Haney Başak
Bărbulescu, Alina
Muntean, Radu
Akçay, Emre Caner
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One of the primary contributors to energy consumption is the construction industry. To address the urgent demand for eco-friendly approaches in this field, this study conducted an investigation on Scopus and Web of Science databases to identify the criteria for selecting sustainable materials for façades. Three groups of criteria were derived after a systematic review: Environmental, Social/economic and Technical. The main goal of the research was to answer the question of whether there are differences in these materials’ selection between Turkey and European Union countries. After applying statistical tests, it was found that there are significant differences in selecting eco-friendly material only from the social/economic perspective. The most important sub-criterion is the economic cost. Comparisons with results from China and US confirm this finding.
Open Access, Published by Sustainability ; https://doi.org/10.3390/su16041539; Haney Bas, ak Daskin, The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Atilim University, 06830 Ankara, Turkey; Alina Bărbulescu, Radu Muntean, Department of Civil Engineering, Transilvania University of Bras,ov, 5 Turnului Str., 500152 Brasov, Romania; Emre Caner Akcay, Department of Civil Engineering, Atilim University, 06830 Ankara, Turkey; caner.akcay@atilim.edu.tr.
Sustainable materials; façade; statistical tests