Green hydrogen based off-grid and on-grid hybrid energy systems

Ceylan, Ceren
Devrim, Yılser
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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
This study aims to evaluate a green hydrogen (H2) based hybrid energy system (HES) from solar and wind renewable energy sources. The proposed HES contains PV panels, wind turbines and a proton exchange membrane water electrolyzer. Meteorology data such as solar radiation, temperature and wind speed were obtained from Atilim University Incek Campus Meteorology Station (Ankara, Turkey). The designed HES has been examined as both grid-connected and off-grid. In the grid-connected system, the electricity requirement of the load is supplied by the sun and wind, and the surplus energy produced is stored by producing H2 using an electrolyzer. In the off-grid HES, the electricity requirement of the load is completely provided by the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC). In this system, the electrolyzer produces the H2 needed by the PEMFC with the energy provided by solar and wind energy. According to the results, 20,186 kWh of energy is produced annually in the on-grid and 3273 sm3 of H2 is stored. The off-grid system is investigated for Design-1 and Design-2 using two different wind turbine (WT) rated power. In Design-1 and Design-2, annually 95,145 kWh and 83,511 kWh of energy are produced annually 17,942 sm3 and 14,370 sm3 H2 are stored, respectively. When the on-grid and off-grid systems are examined; levelized cost of energy (LCOE) was calculated as 0.223 $/kWh for the on-grid system and 0.416 $/kWh and 0.410 $/kWh for Design-1 and Design-2 for off-grid systems, respectively.
Published by International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,, Ceren Ceylan, Yıldız Technical University, Mechanical Engineering-Energy, Istanbul, Turkey, Atilim University, Energy System Engineering Department, Ankara, Turkey, Yılser Devrim, Atilim University, Energy System Engineering Department, Ankara, Turkey.
Green Hydrogen, Hybrid Energy System, Photovoltaic, Wind Turbine, Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage