Statistics and probability theory in renewable energy: Teaching and research

Eryılmaz, Serkan
Kateri, Maria
Devrim, Yılser
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Applied Stochastic Models in Businesss and Industry
In this paper, the key-role and utility of statistics and probability theory in the field of renewable energy are emphasized and illustrated via specific examples. It is demonstrated that renewable energy is a very suitable field to effectively teach and implement many statistical and probabilistic concepts and techniques. From a research point of view, statistical and probabilistic methods have been successfully employed in evaluating renewable energy systems. These methods will continue to be of core interest for the renewable energy sector in the future, as new and more complex renewable energy systems are developed and installed. In this context, some future research directions in relation to the evaluation of renewable energy systems are also presented.
Applied Stochastic Models in Businesss and Industry,, aDepartment of Industrial Engineering, Atilim University, Ankara, Turkey, Institute of Statistics, bRWTH Aachen University, Germany Department of Energy Systems Engineering, e-mail:
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