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    Workplace bullying, psychological distress, job performance and employee creativity: the moderating effect of psychological resilience
    (The Service Industries Journal, 2023-01-10) Anasori, Elham ; De Vita, Glauco ; Küçükergin, Kemal Gürkan
    This study tests a model exploring the direct effect of workplace bullying on employee creativity and performance using psychological distress as the mediator and psychological resilience as the moderator based on the JD-R theory. PLS-SEM was applied to analyze data collected from both employees and supervisors of 4 – and 5-star hotels. The main findings reveal that workplace bullying affects employee creativity negatively, and psychological distress positively. While psychological distress has a negative effect on employee creativity, the latter exerts a significantly positive effect on job performance. Resilience moderates the relationships between workplace bullying and employee creativity, and psychological distress and employee creativity. This study makes a significant, original contribution to the hospitality literature as it is the first to investigate the moderator role of psychological resilience on employee creativity and performance in reaction to bullying behavior.
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    The Role of COVID-19 Anxiety and Social Contact within Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model for Virtual Reality
    (Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2023-10-01) Özekici, Yakup Kemal ; Küçükergin, Kemal Gürkan
    This research aims to question the current threats posed by COVID-19 anxiety and the concept of social contact brought up by the pandemic, with the goal of extending the TRAM model within the context of tourism and virtual reality (VR). The sample of the study comprises of 300 participants taking part in a touristic activity within the last year and experiencing the lockdown period. Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) is used for data analysis. According to the findings, COVID-19 anxiety significantly enhances attitudes toward VR, social contact as a tourist role, and perceived usefulness (PU) toward VR. However, social contact is shown not to have a significant effect on attitudes toward VR. Lastly, technological readiness predicts perceived ease of use (PEOU) and PU of VR. The two, in turn, affect attitudes toward virtual reality technology (AVR), which positively affects behavioral intention toward virtual reality technology, namely, BIVR. Insights derived from the study extend present knowledge concerning TRAM, COVID-19 anxiety, virtual reality, social contact as a value, and provide various recovery marketing-oriented strategies for tourism professionals.
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    Are tourists afraid of the unknown? The examining role of travel constraints and tourist xenophobia with symmetric and asymmetric perspectives
    (Journal of Business Research, 2023-10-26) Dedeoğlu, Bekir Bora ; Boğan, Erhan ; Küçükergin, Kemal Gürkan ; Birinci, Muhammet Cenk
    This study aims to investigate the role of tourists’ xenophobia and travel constraints in terms of affecting image and choice of a given destination within the framework of generations. Although many existing studies have examined destination preference from different perspectives, the lack of analyses with specific references to generations and tourist xenophobia is striking. Therefore, it is believed that studying these structures on the basis of the complexity perspective paves the way for providing specific suggestions to researchers and destination management organizations. To this end and specifically, this study endeavors to reveal the importance of elements influencing the intention of potential Turkish tourists to visit France as a target destination using symmetric and asymmetric models.
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    (International Journal of Information Technology and Business Management, 2012-10-29) GÜNEŞ, Gül
    Camili Biosphere Reserve surrounded by Karcal Mountains was one of the pilot sites of the ―Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management Project‖ implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The first steps of development and implementation of participatory management plans and effective governance mechanisms for protected areas in Turkey were taken during this project. In this article, the important role of participatory management and effective governance structures in protected areas are emphasized based on the participatory management planning and governance process implemented in Camili Biosphere Reserve. The experiences gained, and the current state of the protected area is discussed and suggestions are made.
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    (Bilim ve Teknoloji, 2013-07-19) BİRKAN, İbrahim
    Son yıllarda global anlamda en çok tartışılan konuların başında iklim değişikliği ve küresel ısınma yer almaktadır. Küresel ısınmanın başlıca sorumlusu atmosferdeki sera etkisine yol açan gazların oranındaki çok hızlı artıştır. Sera etkisi yaratan gazların başında fosil yakıtların (petrol, kömür, doğalgaz) kullanılmasıyla atmosfere yayılan karbondioksit (CO2) gazı gelmektedir.